Injury for Toto Wolff: fractured elbow during the holidays

The Mercedes team principal, during his holidays in the mountains with his wife Susie, fell off his bicycle and broke his elbow

It is certainly not an exciting 2023 for Toto Wolff. The Mercedes team principal, after the disappointment on the track with a W14 that betrayed the high expectations set by the insiders, allowed himself a few days of vacation in the mountains with his family. Even these, however, did not go well, as Toto broke his elbow during a bicycle trip.

As reported by, however, it shouldn’t be a serious fracture for Toto, given that he has returned to the place where he is a guest on his own and should move to Sardinia in the next few days, where he will meet some Formula 1 delegations.

And it is not the first time…

And it’s not even the first time for Toto: in 2014, while on vacation with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, he fell disastrously off his mountain bike with damage to his right collarbone, shoulder, elbow and wrist. Again it was his wife who came to the rescue of Wolff, although Mercedes technical director Paddy Lowe was also involved on that occasion.

Photo: Mercedes AMG F1 Team, GPKingdom

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