Ben Sulayem: “The new F1s? Lighter and better sound“

by Stefano Zambroni

Ben Sulayem: “The new ones Mohamed Ben Sulayem, FIA president, imposes the direction of Formula 1: “Less heavy cars and more pleasant sounds”F1? Lighter and better sound“

The President of the FIA, Mohamed Ben Sulayem, wanted to reiterate the line already launched by Stefano Domenicali: the new engines will have to “make noise”. No “silence” from the electrics, no strange noises.

“Everybody wants noisy cars. And since we listen to our fans, we want to give them noisy cars. I was born and raised with the noise of engines”, Stefano Domenicali declared a few weeks ago, to the delight of all fans.

“Light cars, better sounds”

And Ben Sulayem also increased the dose: “I’ve already talked about it with Domenicali, but also with my team. The goal is clear: to make the cars lighter and give the engines a better sound. I come from the world of rallying and I know how much these changes are important, and in particular I hated driving too heavy cars,” he said.

Photo: Formula 1

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