Italian GP, renewal awaited: stalemate with the Monza racetrack

Sticchi Damiani comments on the rumors about the renewal of the Monza GP, expiring in 2025: “We want to continue, but there are some problems ahead”

It won’t be an edition to remember, that of the 2023 Italian GP (at least in terms of spectators). Angelo Sticchi Damiani, president of ACI, commented on the rumors about ticket sales to “Il Giorno”: “Let’s forget the 2022 record of 330,000 fans. In July we expected a better response on ticket sales, but the podium obtained from Leclerc to Spa gives us confidence for these last few weeks of sales”.

What worries the organizers, however, is the expiring contract: Monza in fact has an agreement to host the Italian GP until 2025, which is why it is necessary to find an agreement quickly to continue hosting the Grand Prix ( which will not move from the Temple of Speed, as confirmed by Sticchi Damiani). Recently, the contracts of the Austrian GP, which will remain at the Red Bull Ring until 2030, and of the Hungarian GP, hosted at the Hungaroring in Budapest until 2032, have already been renewed.

For Monza, however, some problems arose: “Aci is the owner of the Italian Grand Prix which is and will be in Monza, but we are not owners of the racetrack” explains Sticchi Damiani, “which is managed under a concession to our company Sias with the Consorzio Parco e Villa which, however, is valid until 2028. That is our deadline: at present we can guarantee a renewal of only three years with Formula 1, which is uneconomical. but to be able to find a solution that can guarantee peace of mind for everyone,” he concluded.

Photo: Autodromo di Monza

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