Quartararo and Marquez laugh about it: their comments on Honda and Yamaha

Fabio jokes, Marc replies: the two champions make fun of the dramatic situation of their bikes…

It is certainly not an easy moment for the MotoGP. The two best riders in the category, Marc Marquez and Fabio Quartararo, are in fact forced to fight in the last positions due to their slow and difficult to ride bikes.

Just Honda and Yamaha, historically two successful motorcycle manufacturers, are in the sights of the two riders: Quartararo ironically commented on the lack of grip of the Honda, with Marquez replying “And what about your speed?”.

Ironic comments concluded with a turtle emoji: Marc and Fabio laugh about it, but the situation is sportingly dramatic both for them and for us fans who don’t have the opportunity to admire the deeds of these two phenomena.

Photo: Pinterest, GPKingdom

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