August 14, 1988: 35 years ago the death of Enzo Ferrari

by Stefano Zambroni

35 years ago the disappearance of Enzo Ferrari, legendary founder of the most renowned car manufacturer in history

Visionary, legendary and iconic: Enzo Ferrari is the history of Italian and world motoring. Throughout its ninety years of life, Ferrari has first followed the road of the driver, to then devote himself with his head and heart to his beloved Scuderia, which made him immortal.

Who was Enzo Ferrari?

But who was Enzo Ferrari really?
Having become head of the family at the age of 18 due to a family drama, Enzo founded Scuderia Ferrari in 1929, participating in the first Formula 1 race in Montecarlo in 1950 and winning his first world title two years later with Alberto Ascari.
Only 2 years later another mourning afflicted him: his son Dino, at 24, died of muscular dystrophy. Ferrari will say of him: “I had the illusion that he could heal, just as one of my cars can be fixed”.

Drake received several awards during his lifetime, including two degrees in mechanical engineering and physics. His answer? “I have a problem: with these achievements I have the doubt of being someone”.

His motto? “Passion cannot be described. You live it”.

Enzo Ferrari’s figure

Today, Enzo Ferrari is clearly seen by everyone as the undisputed king of Italian and consequently world motoring, Italy being the excellence of two and four wheels. Despite his non-extraordinary skills as a driver (he himself said “I wanted to be a great driver, but I will never be”), his passion has become a unique and inimitable symbol of motorsport.

The memory of him lives on every day in the Prancing Horse factories, in the “Enzo Ferrari Museum” and throughout Maranello, where Enzo decided to found his almost century-old Scuderia.


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