Barrichello, controversy against Michael Schumacher!

In the official podcast of Formula 1 “Beyond the Grid”, Rubens Barrichello did not spare anyone: “Over the years in Ferrari everyone was on the side of Michael …”

Rubens Barrichello was certainly not spared during the episode dedicated to him in the podcast “Beyond the Grid”: target of his hard arrow is the former teammate Michael Schumacher, who according to “Rubinho” has often been favored in the choices of the Scuderia Ferrari.


“I state that I have always made friends and maintained relations with everyone, except Michael. It was never present for help, and for this I never asked him anything. Sometimes it happened that a team meeting was done before, then A meeting for Michael: the team was always and only on his side, “said Barrichello.

“I emphasize, however, that Michael was stronger than me, I admit it, and he was also there for more years than me. Claruses in my contract that forbade me to run against him? No, there weren’t. I accepted some things and Refuse others, believing my turn, “he concluded.

Photo: La Gazzetta dello Sport,

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